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Type of Plastic Tank

Chemical Storage Tank, Supplier of Chemical Tank
Chemical Storage Tank

Chemical Storage Tank is a storage container that suitable for most corrosion and hazardous caustic and acidic chemicals. They are employing for storage, processing, mixing, and transport of chemicals in chemical industry.

Acid Storage Tank, Acid Storage Tanks Exporter
Acid Storage Tank

Acid Storage Tank is a container that storage very corrosive acids. They are ideal for stationary storage, transportation and functions such as mixing and separation of acids like Sulfuric, Hydrochloric, Hydrofluoric and Acetic.

Square Storage Tank, Manufactureres Square Storage Tank
Square Storage Tank

We manufacture and export a huge array of square storage tanks which are primarily used for storage purposes. Our Square Storage Tanks are available in diverse specifications as per our customer's needs.

Plastic Chemical Tank, Plastic Chemical Tank Exporters
Plastic Chemical Tank

The Plastic Chemical tank generally known as chemical tank represents the first line of control for most corrosion and hazardous chemicals. It is made from high grade industrial thermoplastic materials.

Horizontal Storage Tank, Horizontal Storage Tank In India
Horizontal Storage Tank

Horizontal storage tank are used for a wide variety of applications such as storage and transport of acid, water, chemicals and corrosive liquids. They are fabricated using materials like stainless steel, nickel alloys and reactive metals.

Acid Measuring Tank, Manufactures of Acid measuring Tank
Acid Measuring Tank

Acid measuring tank is a storage tank with ultimate safe system to measure acid level in tank.  These tanks are proven highly applicable for handling of different acids and other corrosive chemicals for longer working life

FRP Tank, Frp Chemical Storage Tank Ahmedabad
FRP Tank

FRP Tank is light weighted and acid/chemical resistive storage tank that manufactured by using FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics). These tanks are best suited for various water treatment supplements, such as filters, softeners and DM plants.

Sulphuric Acid Storage Tank, Sulphuric Acid Storage Tank Manufacturer
Sulphuric Acid Storage Tank

Sulfuric acid is used in a vast range of industrial applications. It is an extremely heavy chemical that must be handled with the utmost care. Hence we manufactures sulphuric acid storage tank especially for safe storing of sulphuric acid.

Plastics Storage Tank, Plastics Storage Tanks
Plastics Storage Tank

We specialize in manufacturing light in weight and corrosion proof plastics storage tank that are used to storage acids, chemicals and water. Owing to their flexibility, these tanks are manufacture into a variety of shapes.

Bottom Conical Storage Tank, Supplier Bottom Conical Storage Tank
Bottom Conical Storage Tank

Bottom conical storage tanks are useful when quick and complete drainage is important. Incorporates with high density polyethylene material and RITA 2.5 technique, our tank has excellent features like high corrosion and light weight.

Industrial Water Storage Tank, Exporter of Industrial Water Storage Tank
Industrial Water Storage Tank

We are manufacturering a wide array of Industrial Water Storage Tanks that are generally used in various industrial applications. These tanks store water for a variety of uses from waste water treatment plants to industrial process applications.

Cylindrical Water Tanks, Cylindrical Storage Tanks
Cylindrical Water Tanks

We offer quality water tanks in cylindrical shape and various capacities as preferred by our clients, on the basis of their applications. These tanks are feature with flat bottom that allows the tank to be completely self-standing during storage.

Liquid Storage Tank, Liquid Storage Tank India
Liquid Storage Tank

Liquid storage tank is a containment vessel that used to store and process thousands of different industrial liquid. We used butt fusion welding technique to manufacture this tank therefore they are 100% leakage and corrosion proof.

Polypropylene Storage Tank, Polypropylene Storage Tank in Gujarat
Polypropylene Storage Tank

Polypropylene Storage Tank fulfills the variegated requirements of different industries. We employ the most updated technology known as Hot Gas Extrusion Welding Process, for manufacturing these tanks.