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Function of Plastic Tank

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Our company has manufactured plastic tanks for a wide variety of purposes across the different industries. With the help of an experienced group of dedicated technocrats, we manufacture the astounding range of plastic storage tanks for Agriculture, Petrochemical and Wastewater industry. We are manufacturer and exporter of chemical storage tank, acid storage, water storage tank, liquid handling tank that has extraordinary function of corrosion resisting against hazardous corrosive, acidic and caustic chemicals in a risk-free and safe way. In chemical industries sulphuric acid is an extremely dangerous chemical that must be handled with the utmost care. Hence we designed sulphuric acid storage tank especially for safe storing of sulphuric acid.

A plastic storage tank has main functions such as:

  • Storage of Acids, water and corrosive liquids as fine silt on the floor
  • Reducing the risk of human exposure
  • They are ideal for mixing and separation of raw material.
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