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Advantages & Disadvantages of Plastic Tank

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Being preoccupied with customer our company serving the various industries by manufacturering and exporting a broad range of storage tank at competitive price. Plastic tanks India manufactured plastic storage tanks using high quality thermoplastic material like FRP, HDPE and polypropylene.  Our products are known for their energy, cost efficiency and low maintenance operations. There are many advantages to using a plastic tank and despite their advantages, there are also some disadvantages. Both advantages and disadvantages are listed below


  • Plastic tanks are very resistant to cracking and corrosion
  • Absolutely Leak Proof Welding
  • Plastic tanks come in variant of sizes, shapes and capacities
  • It is weight less hence much easier to relocate
  • It is easier to repair
  • Plastic tanks come in many different colours
  • Negligible maintenance
  • Very cost-effective
  • Very lucrative


Our plastic tanks are excellently made and have almost no dis-advantages but, If not installed properly, a plastic tank can "float" to the surface of the ground.

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